CUE Graphics provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with quality photography, graphics and copy for the production of print and digital art.

Graphics & digital photography (for print or the web) are created using InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, & Flash.

I take pride in the quality of the work and the success it brings our clients.

Carol Erenrich

CUE Graphics
Carol Erenrich

CUE Graphics President, Carol Erenrich has an extensive art and design background. She "went digital" in 1993. This was a great adventure for someone who learned ad layout in the days of rubber cement, rubylith, stat cameras, and Letraset type.

Carol designed and created posters, signs, props and window displays for Barnes & Noble’s Boston Downtown Crossing mega-store, and the flagship Rockefeller Center, NYC store.

As principle graphic artist at CUE Graphics, her work has taken many forms--theatre programs, logo designs, advertisements, posters, and invitations. CUE Graphics also offers PR services, photography, web design, press-releases, brochures, & newsletter copy.

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